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About Us

The Sanctuary at Soledad was founded by Carol and Julian Pearce, award winning goat cheese makers who, in 2015, decided to give it all up and create an animal rescue farm. It wasn’t a decision that was made overnight.  Both Carol and Julian have had lifelong passions for animal welfare, and met while saving sick calves. They’ve been rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected goats, cows, horses, pigs, chickens, ducks and dogs for years, saving many from being euthanized.  Now those rescued animals live side by side with former dairy goats as they all live out their happy lives. The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization funded by donations from supporters like you. In addition, proceeds from the sale of the new vegan cheese go to The Sanctuary.

At The Sanctuary, animals are known by name... and treated like family. Carol’s background in veterinary medicine and Julian’s expertise in ruminant nutrition, not to mention their many years as goat farmers, means they are closely attuned to the health of the animals, and they keep a sharp eye on the well-being of all of them. They have successfully brought back to health many animals who were near death or in other desperate straits (see “The Story of Hope,” below).
We enjoy sharing our love of animals with our customers and supporters, especially children. Simply contact us to schedule a visit - we look forward to showing you around the sanctuary!

The Sanctuary at Soledad believes that we have a moral imperative to honor and respect the animals who have spent years in service to us on farms, as well as those who simply need a new home and a little kindness to survive.

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Care to Join Us?

We are in need of volunteers and donors. Please consider donating time or funds to help make sure we can keep up our promise to give every animal a home.